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Quality inspections, to ensure a wise investment

Home Inspection services include inspections the following systems: 









Insulation and Ventilation


Pre-Drywall Inspections

New Construction Inspections

Pest Inspections

Radon Testing

    It is important to have all of these systems thoroughly inspected prior to the purchase of a home. Getting ahead of any problems that can arise in owning a home is important too. I offer a yearly inspection program with discounts if purchased with the initial inspection.

York Home Inspections Co. is now offering a discount to all Military, Fire, Police, and EMT/Paramedics!


Finding issues most inspectors don't find

On the left I found a plumbing vent boot flashing that is dry rotted, with holes in it. This is a severe leaking hazard that can cause decay and fungal growths. 

On the right, here you see that I check where the deck is attached to home from the crawlspace. Often times decks are not flashed properly and it can lead to decay on structure of the home. Here the framing band of the home and sill plate were rotted severely and the leak went unnoticed for a long time and through many different home inspections. I was happy to catch these issues and keep my clients informed. 




I just recently bought my first home had JT come out and do my home inspection!
He is extremely diligent and took my inspection seriously. He ended up finding many problems with the home that I would have never known existed, even if I lived there.
The best part about him finding all these issues was the leverage it gave me. I was able to use his inspection report and negotiate the price of the home $20,000 below list AND the seller is writing ME a check for $5,000 for repairs that need to be completed immediately.
JT, I can't thank you enough for your knowledge and expertise, not only did you save me tens of thousands immediately (and even more down the road) but you gave me a precise checklist for what I need fixed to have my house in the best condition possible. I cannot recommend JT highly enough!

Cody Y.

York Home Inspections was excellent to deal with. Very professional and timely with the home inspection I requested. Even went out of his way to remove the barriers blocking entrance from the crawl space to make sure the home I was buying was exactly what my family needed it to be. 5 Stars.

James Abernathy

My husband and I hired Mr. York to perform our home inspection and we were very pleased! He was very professional and extremely easy to work with!

Nick and Charlotte Cardwell

JT came to do my inspection for a house I’m looking at buying. He was very thorough and took me through the house himself (twice!) and showed me things he found. He even spoke on the phone with my dad willingly when i couldn’t explain something right. He made sure i knew what he was talking about and also was open to any questions i had from him! Super pleasant and easy to talk with! I would definitely recommend him coming to do your home inspections! He was really quick about getting the report back to me as well and it was nice to be able to get my inspection in so quickly with him. Great work!

Amanda Halchak

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